Creative Consulting

Set a clear vision for your team

  • Identify customer segments and their desire
  • Respond with a captivating fantasy
  • Guidance through pre-production
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Game Design Consulting

Identify and solve game design problems

  • Project review
  • Design leadership for your project
  • Design outsourcing
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Game Design Training

The Biology of Game Design

  • Game Design Seminar
  • Ongoing design coaching
  • Online programs and conference talks
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I believe in a rational way to creativity and game design.

Through processes developed at top studios like Ubisoft and Relic, I guide your team to establish a shared direction for your project.

This pragmatic approach will give you a framework to evaluate decisions and align business, creative and production across your team.

Alex Mandryka – Creative consultant

Creative services for each project phase


Starting a new project?

Set your business strategy with clear customer profiles and value proposition. Then, develop your creative vision to propose the adapted fantasy, and set a shared direction for your team.


Need help with design during production?

Let us evaluate the situation to identify key issues, mentor your game design team through execution, or handle full design development for you.


Need training for your team on game design and creative process?

Focused multi-day programs or ongoing coaching will accommodate your needs, on site or remotely.

Key Clients

Recent Collaborations

Relic Entertainment

Creative workshops for Relic’s flagship IPs


Industry assessment for Colombian government agency


Creative workshop for console game El Chavo Kart


Creative workshop for upcoming mobile title

Victory Square Games

Led the design of GUESS’ escape room in Vancouver

BIG Festival

Coaching of Brazilian companies at BIG Festival


Design seminar for Virtuos’ studio in Shanghai

Columbia 3.0 Conference

Conference in Bogota

Popular articles and videos

Fun and Uncertainty

Fun is a rather fuzzy concept that can lead teams into trouble if not properly understood. Here is my analysis of it and a functional definition.

Tips on balancing

Game balancing isn’t about tweaking individual numbers in a big spreadsheet, but instead about setting a dynamic as a target and working towards it.

Lessons from Pac-Man

Pac-Man hides treasures of good game design that still apply today. Delve into the depths of this video game classic with me.

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