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A strong concept aligns business, creative and production

Best creative work is done when a specific target customer taste is identified, that an adapted creative premise is proposed, and when your production means correspond to deliver the best quality. Through our suite of workshops, establish a top-down direction that will inform your project from concept to execution.


  • Identify a business opportunity in 2 days
  • Analyze existing market and competition
  • Detail customer segments and their taste
  • Design value propositions to satisfy them
  • Find your disruption angle


  • A 3 day workshop with core team members
  • Clarify your core creative premise
  • Align creative vision to your business goals
  • Establish a shared vision to engage your team
  • Identify critical features to deliver on


  • Creative support through pre-production
  • Identify and address key risk
  • Guidance with gameplay prototyping
  • Assess weak points and discuss options
  • Regular touch-point and reports

Strategic Workshop

Our Strategic Workshop lets you identify a business angle by defining your target customer needs and devising a value proposition to satisfy it, while remaining differentiated from your competition. Through a 2 day workshop involving heads of all key departments (Business, creative and production), clarify the business opportunity that your project will aim to materialize. At this early stage, you can evaluate potential and risk, ensure the right positioning within competition, and even pivot if needed.

Key takeaway of the workshop:

  • Understand competition
  • Find differentiation axis
  • Study target customer segment needs
  • Design adapted value proposition

Based on Alex Osterwalder’ss work on the business model canvas and value proposition design, this process is adapted for the video game industry and beyond. The resulting business strategy can then be used to develop your game vision through a Creative Workshop.

Find a fit between product features and audience desires

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    Alexandre helped our company to see exactly what we were missing and discover what we needed to grow our business. He has great charisma and is also really good at working with foreigners, he’s patient and knows how to get his point across.
    Eva Colasso

    Co-Founder & Business Developer, Blokwise studios

    Alex was instrumental in guiding the creative process for our latest game, World War Doh. Thanks to him, we embraced new ways of approaching game design that were a great fit not only for the game, but for our company culture. His understanding of what is required at a personal, creative and business level is uncanny.

    Jairo Nieto

    Chief Creative Officer, Brainz

    Creative Workshop

    Our Creative Workshop is a 3 day exercise for your core team to develop the creative vision for your project. Through different brainstorming techniques, you will develop a shared vocabulary to express the creative core, establish shared ownership among your team, and validate relevance to your targeted audience. By developing your player experience, you will set a blueprint of your game, giving you a clear target to hit through production.

    This process is based on IDEO’s methodology and used at Ubisoft to develop game concepts before approval at HQ. Your team should bring a detailed market analysis and concept presentation, or we can develop them together through a strategic workshop.

    Creative Workshop output:

    • High level creative statement
    • Detailed player experience
    • Key features roadmap
    • An engaged team!
    Creative Workshop
    Interested? Tell me more about your project here.

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      Alex facilitated an excellent creative offsite for key leaders on the Dawn of War 3 team. The process helped us refine our game vision and tackle the thorny issue of accessibility. His ability to establish clear vocabulary around the things we were struggling with led to several important breakthroughs. In particular, he helped me crystalize my thinking around how new audiences might approach Dawn of War. Highly recommended.

      Philippe Boulle

      Game Director, Relic

      To work With Alex, has been an incredible experience. He did turnaround Lion Works project in a couple of weeks. His vision and creativity are stunning! I would hire Alexandre for any project I am working in without any doubt.

      Jorge Muralles

      Executive Producer, Lion Works

      Pre-Production Support

      Turning concept into reality can be very challenging, both from process and communication standpoints. Our Pre-Production Support helps you strengthen creative vision through your team. By giving you a clear framework to your prototyping effort, we let you identify and validate the most critical parts of gameplay to reduce risk before entering production. This engagement spans along pre-production and entails:

      • Support to your creative owner to communicate with each discipline lead
      • Establishment of a comprehensive critique process and validation milestones
      • Guidance with gameplay prototyping effort
      • Issue identification and recommendations on key actions to take
      Get the help of an expert! Click here to discuss how game design consulting can help your team make better games!

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        In a very short amount of time, Alex managed to identify the weak spots of our original plan, helped us to identify a new and better vision and player experience, and assisted the development team in translating this new formula for success into actionable and achievable steps.
        Jochen Siess

        General Manager, Slang

        We used to think all work based on creativity, like videogame development, were inherently based on a lot of chaotic and random experiments until something ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ is found. Alexandre helped us realize there can be a methodology to channel creativity in the right direction, not to tighten it up, but to get to places we like more quickly and to get actual knowledge from these explorations.
        Miguel Posada

        Co-Founder & Tech Director, Efecto studios

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