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Production Consulting Services


  • Concept, assets, prototype or playable version
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Written report and debrief discussion
  • Between 3 and 5 days mission


  • Lead design team for targeted game features
  • Good to address specific issues
  • On-site or remotely
  • Typically 2 to 4 weeks long


  • Let us handle design for you!
  • Great if you lack design resource
  • Generally done remotely
  • Length depending on complexity

Project Review

A Project Review will provide with in-depth analysis and expert opinion needed before any key decision. It goes as follows:

First, we identify your points of concern through an initial discussion.

Then, 3-5 days after reception of your documents, assets and build, you receive your report containing:

  • A detailed review of your material
  • Positive and negative points
  • Identification of the main issues to address
  • Recommendations on the course of action

Our closing discussion lets us clarify feedback and evaluate possible options together.

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    Alexandre was at our studio and gave us great feedback on our work process as well as our games. The insights we got from him are priceless. I would greatly recommend any studio or game designer to work with him.

    Camilo Gomez

    Co-Founder & DIrector, C2 Game Studio

    Alex is one of the few designers I’ve met who is able to break down the elements that compose a game from the most basic of interactions all of the way to a complete experience. He provides a vocabulary for such elements to create a common language for designer communication, which is a tricky ordeal when designers come from all different backgrounds and learned their trade in all different manner. These tools allow him to dig to the core of many design problems and provide solutions. He is also French. That is a fact.

    Jasen Torres

    Co-Founder & Game Director, Superweapon

    Design Leadership

    Our Design Leadership program proposes supervision to your design team by bringing expert management with processes providing clear direction while supporting individual creativity.

    Typical engagement goes as follows:

    • Identification of desired outcome, constraints and scope
    • Establishment of creative direction and task breakdown within team
    • Regular progress review, feedback and adjustment

    This process delivers dependable results with room for experimentation and adjustment. On the mid-term, it benefits the growth of your team in terms of maturity and confidence.

    If you need us to entirely handle design for you, check our Design Outsourcing service

    Interested in Design Leadership? Click here to contact us.

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      Alex’s direction gave our team the tools we needed to design deep into uncharted territory. With the processes he helped us establish, we were able to effectively tackle a big, ambiguous project with confidence and understanding. Working with Alex not only helped us see our product vision with refreshing clarity, but left our team with a new set of powerful design tools for reliably and consistently achieving our vision in terms of gameplay – in short, it completely transformed the way we do design.

      Evan Yates

      Lead Designer, Victory Square Games

      In the brief time I worked with Alex he taught me many things that allowed me to mature and grow as a designer. Primarily he taught me best practices from the top down that not only form strong creative visions, but empower even junior employees to contribute to said visions.

      Clint Tasker

      Lead Game Designer, King

      Design outsourcing

      Design Outsourcing is adapted for a specific game design task that you can’t be handle, because of lack of bandwidth or missing expertise. Leave it to us to create a design document based on your needs and direction.

      Process goes as such:

      • Determine needs, scope and deadline during initial discussion
      • Remote work with regular touch base
      • Delivery of complete design document with recommendations for implementation

      Further support during development is possible through ongoing coaching.

      Interested in Design Outsourcing? Click here to contact us.

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        Game whisperer indeed!

        We were in need of a strong game designer to consult with us on a development project which had numerous unique challenges. I asked an old industry friend for a recommendation and she she gave me Alex’ name saying “you won’t need to talk to anyone else”.

        Alex took the time to put thoughtful research into the background of the project and was very professional in his approach to working with us. He pushed the team to overcome some creative blocks we encountered and gave us valuable insights on how users might engage with our game. Everyone who worked with him on the project was very impressed and we would be excited to work with him again in the future.

        Jean-Guy Niquet

        Vice-President, Digital, Marble Media

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